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 Personal Injury Law

"Personal Injury" is a simple descritption of a comprehensive area of law.

It implicates all the complex duties that define the responsibility of one person (or entity) to another.

That duty is defined by the legal concept of "reasonable care" - that degree of care that a reasonably prudent person (or entity) would exercise in the same circumstances.

The breach of this duty causing injury gives rise to legal liability.

If you have been the victim of unreasonable conduct Martin Rubenstein will fight to secure justice for you.


Those who are injured during ordinary use of machinery and equipment manufactured and sold in a defective condition or designed so that ordinary use is dangerous, are entitled to recover compensation and damages for injuries which result.

Negligence in motor vehicle operation, including driving while impaired, is still a leading cause of death and disability in our Country. Those who cause injury are liable for injuries which result.

Those who fail in their obligation to keep areas for which they are responsible, including floor surfaces, walkways, sidewalks, shopping areas, roadways, parking lots, etc. in a reasonably safe condition are liable for injuries which are caused by that failure.

Honest citizens have the right to be free of arrest without probable cause, entry into home or apartment by authorities acting without a legal warrant, malicious prosecution, and unlawful imprisonment. Those persons who are victimized in this way have specific rights to secure redress. In addition those unjustly imprisoned based on convistions which are later reversed and dismissed, have the right to

Professionals are obligated to perform their services in accordance with good and accepted practices. When injury and damage results from their failure to do so,they are liable to the person for whom the services were rendered for all resulting damage. This is true whether the professional is a physisian, a surgeon, or an attorney.


Wherever injury or damage is caused to an innocent person as a result of improper or dangerous conduct, actions, procedures, services, or products, there is a right to recover monetary damages for injuries sustained.

In general, the right to receive a monetary award exists where there is breach of a duty, which, in a reasonably foreseeable way, is a substantial cause of injury or damage. The ways in which this can occur cannot be fully catagorized.

Persons who suffer adverse reactions to vaccines have a right to compensation through a special program.

All damages which flow from improper conduct are recoveable, including monetary awards for pain and suffering, physical and mental, disability, disfigurement, impairments, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of earnings, loss or diminished activities, health related expenses, and all other related losses.

If you have been seriously injured or damaged you may consult with the attorney without cost or obligation to determine whether you have a justifiable and legally sustainable case.

No fees or expenses are charged until the end of the case. The fee is payable as a percentage of the recovery. If there is no recovery there is no fee. You are never responsible to lay out any money for legal fees. Disbursements for expenses in prosecuting your lawsuit, are payable at the end of the case from the amount recovered. For a complete explanation of what is called the "contingency" fee by which personal injury lawsuits are prosecuted please refer to the attorney.

Please feel free to contact Martin Rubenstein to discuss your legal rights if you or a loved one has sustained serious personal injury.

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